Sunday, August 22, 2010


It was a very long flight. Turkish airlines are better than I expected.
I flew from Hong Kong to Istanbul. It was about 10 hours.
The seats in economy class are BIG. I could even put my knees on it!
And I slept quite well there. This time I slept about 7 hours! yeah!!!

Then I have to stay in Istanbul for 5 hours before I could get in the flight to Helsinki.
I was planning to put myself to the toilet for 2 hours and come out for some shopping.
Just be bored.
But then thank god that there was a Japanese girl.
She thought I'm Japanese too so she started talking to me but I am not.
My English is not good and her English is even worse...
So we started to draw pictures and ect.
We had a nice time together.
She was kinda lost in Istanbul. She said it was her first flight so she didn't know what to do.
Glad that I flew with myself once and I know how things work while you transit in the airport.
So I was happy that I could help her :D

5 hours past FAST.
I was in the plane to Helsinki.
There was a lot of exchange students in the airport.
They are AFSers.
I saw the Hong Kong boy sitting there alone and I asked him where are the others.
He said they are all gone with there host families.
And he lives in a place near Kemi.
Far far away from Helsinki.
So good luck for him and I was on my way to Phytää .

After an hour.
I ended up in Sutela because the bus driver said it doesn't go to moteli.
And Amanda's dad picked me up there and Dalaaa, I am in Phytää!
Middle of nowhere! hahah XD
And then there comes Amanda and Lydia!
Long time no see. :D

After I put my stuff in Lenneke's room, we go to the market together.
There was quite many people there.
I bought Muikku!!! Yeah!!! I LOVE MUIKKU!!!
It's so nice!!
yeah, expensive. 7 euros.
but good!
hhah XD

Then I had a goodnight sleep.
That was my trip to Finland. :D

PS: I am going to visit äiti on monday :D
I miss Nene! :D