Monday, August 16, 2010

Multi Pack.

Time to pack stuff.
There are many things that I have to take with me and there are more than many stuff that I don't have to take them but I want to take them. Oh, that's so Emma. hahaXD
Shopping for many things... Think a lot.
Worrying about the apartment. I am wondering if I've got it or not. It's all silent about it. I've got the address and information. And I've sent the confirmation letter to the company. But that's the late arrival. Cus I sent it from Hong Kong not from Finland, which takes two weeks. I hope they see that I am now in Hong Kong. Posting needs time. I do have a reason to be late... :(

Anyway, 3 days more and I'll be in Finland again! Woo! Yeah!
And the next city I am going would be Elise Kuijpers city. haha XD
Wait for me! :D:D
And hey! Ms Kuijpers, plz come to Joensuu some time. I miss you ! :D:D

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