Monday, August 2, 2010

Language course?

Haven't write on here for a long time.
haha, lazy me.

AFS Hong Kong invited me to teach the new exchange students who are going to Finland Finnish.
But the problem is I suck in Finnish. I forgot most of the Finnish words.
Anyway, I am just going to teach them basic ones, like how are you, my name is bababa, thank you, and so on. They'll learn when they are in Finland. (I am a bad teacher..hehehe...)

I am surprised that there are 6 of them going to Finland. That's like quite a lot of them.
There were only 4 of us in my exchange year. This year, 2 of them are gong to be in the really good place in Finland. I mean, the whole Finland is great but I really wanna experience those places too. one of them's going to Kemi and one of them's going to Oulu. So nice! But yeah, I'll b be in Joensuu. So that makes my small step. Out of the south part and feel the east part.

I am going on the 19th of August and I'll arrive there on the 20th of August. Turkish airline, 17 hours. I am so gonna ''love'' it ...


  1. Haii Emma :) Good to hear AFS is still in contact with you. They forgot about me long time ago and asked me for nothing... Right now it seems my Finland year never happened. Actually, I am starting to concentrate more on China every day, and I really like it! Kemi and Oulu are the most beautiful places I have ever been, but right now I just want to learn to speak some Mandarin and see the Great Wall of China, or Beijing or something. I know I don't have to be scared anymore of getting lost or getting stuck there. Holland can be a dangerous place too, and I am sure I will manage just fine :) I am not 16 anymore! hahaha. Take care sweetheart. Have lots of fun in Finland! -xxxxx-

  2. I wanna to be in Beijing again too...
    It's a nice place during winter. I would like to go to the forbidden city.
    You could read some history background about it and you'll find it amazing. Could I go with you while you come? That would be super fun! ps, you'll have to do all the talking. hahaha XD Practice your mandarin. :D

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